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Can I get a few answers?

Yes, Simply Ingenious . .

We operate from a premise of LOVE | Yes, we have a little fun too with our FAQ . .

Q. What do you mean LOVE?
A. We mean, "we LOVE you".  We operate from a place of LOVE and feel that when we do this, everyone can choose to feel good about their ever unfolding financial future with us.

And, a Movement is Born.

What's our mission statement? See the quick movie below . . When you can tell us the player's FULL name - you will know our mission . .

Now, let's have some fun . . here we go . .

Q. Why show a movie to explain your mission statement?
A. Because That was no ordinary feat, it was Extraordinary.

We are no ordinary company.  Obviously, with you and every single person on our team - we become an Extraordinary Movement.

Q. Why do you say, "Cry Babies" to contact you?
A. There's nothing to have questions about - it is very simple - a 2 x 20 company forced system where we all work together (for free), to build ONE BIG TEAM for prosperity

Some people just like to whine about nothing. This is about Empowerment and Extraordinary Abundance.

The Moment you begin to Think Properly, that there's something that is Within You - There's Power within You that is Greater than The World, it will begin to Emerge.

It will Take Over your Life. It will Feed you - It will Clothe You - It will Guide You - Protect You - Direct You - Sustain Your Very Existence - If, You'll Let It !!

The Universe will respond to The Nature of Your Song. When you overly question, it brings doubt. Massive Abundance requires proper thinking (no one has ever achieved Massive Abundance with doubt and fear) . . 

Look, this is as easy as it gets.  Join free.  Introduce as many as you can.  Make HUGE MONEY right out of the gate when a major new launch comes down the pike that we decide to join as ONE BIG TEAM.

Q. How much does this cost?
A. Nothing (other than a little effort), which as you've just seen is priceless

Q. Can I sit on my Butt and make money?
A. Yes butt, you will not maximize the comp plan(s)

Q. What do you mean, "maximize the comp plan"?
A.  If you do nothing, you can make a few hundred dollars (because everyone else efforts made you money).

However, if you personally sponsor 4 or more in the "major launch" company, you can maximize most comp plans.


Sitting on your Butt = few hundred dollars

Maximizing the comp plan = $20,000, $60,000, $85,000, or even $100,000+ PER MONTH !!

Q. How many do I need to recruit to OMG to maximize most comp plans?
A. Twelve or more (hey, they're free), as this will likely provide 3 - 5 who will actually upgrade in the new "major launch"

Q. Do my personally sponsored follow me in the new "major launch"?
A. Yes however, if you procrastinate (taking a day or two to upgrade) - they will not

Money Likes Speed - You cannot twiddle your thumbs

Q. Can I get a refund?
A. Sure.  You will get a guaranteed 100% refund of what you paid to OMG.  ZERO.

Q. How do we get alerts of a new major launch?
A. As soon as you login - click on the Alerts Broadcast System (opt in and verify via email)

Q. How many days will we know before a new major launch is scheduled?
A. At least 2 Days notice (likely more than this)

Q. Can this really make me a lot of money?
A. STAGGERING AMOUNTS OF MONEY (with a little effort)